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Dragonboat Regatta 2016

Wesbank Central Youth Group in full action at the NAC Dragonboat Regatta. The team proudly sponsored by Harmonious Pools showcased their hard-work, new kits and skills. A day full of laughter, fun and competition.

The annual Dragon Boat Regatta is a youth driven initiative from the New Apostolic Church Cape District at the V&A Waterfront each year on Easter Monday. Attracting more than 5000 spectators each year and 60 competing teams its a day dedicated to fun and action. The Wesbank Central Dragons have managed to reach 2nd place 2 years in a row. With the finals being a nail biting neck on neck down to milliseconds rush to the finish line. Mervin and the team are proud to be part of such a great sport and endeavour for 1st place in 2017!

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